When traveling the journey of life, not all is fair weather.  I make sure that I carry with me what may be needed for those rainy days. When dark clouds form above it is time to take out that which will protect me from the storm. Donning raincoat and gumboots I go out and face the tempest, my surest protection the ability to laugh at myself and life; my sense of humour the panacea of all ills and difficulties.

To laugh is a choice and life a question of our perceptions. Most events in life are emotionally neutral, not overly sad or happy, therefor leaving the choice to us of how we want to react or respond to it. We determine the emotions we ascribe to a certain situation. Life is what we make of it. A rainy day can be dreary and dreadful to us, or an opportunity to dance in the rain to our hearts delight. When I see a rain cloud form, I feel a dance come on.

Nothing brings my body and mind into balance like laughter; that infectious fun that leaves you hanging limply over a chair, tears of joy streaking your cheeks. This powerful antidepressant relieves the body from physical tension and stress, and the muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes. It’s highly contagious and addictive substance naturally decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thereby improving the body’s resistance to disease. It can even temporarily ease pain.

Laughter helps me relax and recharge, enabling me to focus and accomplish more. Looking at life and challenging situations through the proverbial rose-tinted glasses, shifts my perspective, giving me more positive options to choose from, making me feel less hopeless and more empowered.

How I perceive my life challenges is a matter of choice – it can either get the better of me or it can stir my imagination to creative outlets and solutions. When I take the situation to serious, I limit my ability to think outside of the box and thereby limiting my options for dealing with my challenge.

When the wonderful gift of laughter is shared, it creates intimacy and closeness between the people sharing the moment, thereby improving and strengthening relationships.

I have learned to laugh more and to bemoan less; to take myself less serious and to laugh at myself.

I have incorporated humour and play into my daily live as it renews and revives the soul and spirit.

To me a good sense of humour is an indispensable resource for surmounting problems, enhancing my relationships and supporting both my physical and emotional health. It is free, fun, holds no fear and easy to use.

Blessing: May you in all things, keep the good attitude. May you be quick to laugh and even quicker to forgive.





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