In that moment, rousing from a deep sleep surfacing towards wakefulness, I slid over into the open space of Alefbetia. Entering into this magical world I was surrounded from all sides by white expanses, blinding to the eye because of its luminosity. Nothing disturbed or broke the purity of the vast surface.

Soundless I drifted through the empty landscape, enjoying the quiet and peace, just being; enveloped by pure, white light and nothing else.

I marvelled at the wonder of being able just to be, to drift; to dream; to experience.

I became aware of vibrations in the atmosphere encircling me; impulses reaching out to me, seeking contact; desiring communication with me. I turned my head slowly from side to side seeking the source of these, but saw nothing, my sight impaired by the white light.

Slowly the vibrations intensified, taking on the melodious sound of glass music. The harmonious vibrations touched and resonated within the deepest parts of my being.

Something within me responded, came to life, desiring to reach out and touch the wellspring of these sounds, seeking to unite with them.

Once again I searched with my eyes, seeking for the origin of these heavenly sounds, but to no avail.

I closed my eyes and gave myself over to sensing the vibrations and absorbing the sounds. A prism of light broke through my closed eyelids, bringing vision of the genesis to me. Characters, symbols, letters of the alphabet flashed before my eyes. Randomly moving, producing sound, movement, light.

In awe and wonder I gazed at the miraculous display. Overcome by the splendour of it all, I did not dare or desired to move, afraid that I might break the spell.

I was holding my breath, absorbing the sensation of vibrations, assimilating the sounds, opening myself up to become united and absorbed into the carnival of consonants and vowels.

Tentatively I extended my hand, blindly reaching into the space enclosing me, thinking myself privileged if I should be so lucky as to touch only one of these wonderful creatures.

Holding out my hand, a multitude of characters immediately attached themselves to my outstretched limb. Clinging, cleaving close to my skin. I extended my other hand as well, only to be swarmed by another army of letters. Bringing my hands towards my body, I lightly rested them against my chest.

Overwhelmed by the enchantment of the moment, I did not want to disturb or displace even one of these beauteous objects. Creations from another world, another dimension they clung to my fingers like the petals of a flower.

I could not let them go again. They have become part of me. My very being resonated with theirs and their sound became mine.

Letting out a deep sigh I became one with the creatures of Alefbetia.

With a shuddering breathe I broke through the surface to the plane of full awareness. Stretching my tight limbs after the night’s deep sleep, I reached over to the bedside table, grabbing hold of notebook and pen. Positioning my back against the headboard of my bed, I placed the open book on my knees. Lightly shaking my hands twice, I placed pen to paper to bring order to characters, symbols and letters that have attached them to me. Resonating from within, we strung them together beautifully.


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