As a not-so-young-anymore female farmer I face my own peculiar set of challenges; physical strength being one of them. With a little bit of creative thinking and planning (sometimes with a little bit of help from friends) most of these obstacles or challenges can nevertheless be overcome.
When it came to buying a lawnmower for our new Backyard Farm, I had to take in consideration my lack of technical knowledge and skill on the maintenance and running of a gas powered lawnmower; my physical strength (or the lack thereof)as well as the limited storage space available. I was looking for something that wasn’t any bigger or heavier than my handbag and that runs on two beers.
I found it in the form of a push reel mower. This lightweight, inexpensive wonder makes mowing a breeze. Because of its size it is easy to handle and takes up limited storage space. The simplicity of the design makes maintenance uncomplicated. It doesn’t require runs to the gas station for gas, nor does it need oil or spark plug changes. I just make sure to clean it properly after every use. The only other maintenance that is required is the sharpening of the blades once in a while.
The little environmentally friendly mower makes breathing while mowing a pleasure as it doesn’t emit any toxic fumes. As I prefer to mow late afternoon when neighbours are starting to relax after a busy day, the silent wonder doesn’t disturb the whole neighbourhood, thereby keeping my social relations in tack.
This girly lawnmower is perfectly suited for small gardens or patches of lawn. We have opted for a small ornamental garden in the front of our cottage, surrounding a small patch of lawn. The handbag sized mower trims this piece of lawn in less than ten minutes.
As our cottage yard is steeply sloped, the pushing of the mower against the gradient makes for great exercise, saving me the expense of gym fees.
The down side of the push reel mower is that it doesn’t cut weeds and wild grass very well. If I let the grass grow to long, the cutting becomes a bit of a struggle.
The only thing making this mower even better, would be if it could come in pink.

Blessing: On your journey of life, may you be willing to be cut and pruned in order to grow even better and stronger where you have been planted.


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