Rob and I had been writing for hours on end when we realized that we had skipped a meal or two. Hunger pains were gnawing away at us and stomachs demanded to be fed. Inspirations had struck and we had become oblivious of all other things, only being focused on the scenes and events in our minds that we were recreating in words.
I was eager to keep on going and not disrupt the creative flow. However, once you become aware of the growling of an empty stomach it is difficult to ignore. Quick and easy but still delicious were the key words in my decision on lunch. I have an on-going passionate affair with food and even when pressed for time will try to make something special of a meal.
I searched the fridge for ingredients only to find that food shopping had been neglected as well. I stared at the empty shelves. Besides the small tub of feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and a bowl of left over carrot mash there was only two beers, a bottle of Rose and a bunch of fresh carrots. What to create for lunch with these? I opted for one of my favorite light meals – flapjacks with a twist.
Making use of a standard flapjack batter consisting of 80ml of milk, 2 eggs and 100g of flour, I combined it with the carrot mash, a handful of chopped sun-dried tomatoes and crumbled feta cheese. As the mash was already seasoned when cooked I only added a pinch of paprika to the mix. I fried spoonfuls of batter in a pan lightly oiled with olive oil. Within thirty minutes from starting the meal we were sitting down to coffee and flapjacks.
There are a couple of variations on these that I also enjoy:
Red lentil and feta cheese: I make use of the standard batter combining it with cooked lentils and fresh chopped chives and parsley and seasoning to taste.
Apple and raisin: Standard batter combined with grated apple, raisins soaked in a cup of rooibos tea and cinnamon added.
Zucchini, tomato and feta: Standard batter combined with grated zucchini, fresh or sun-dried tomato, feta cheese and chives.
The next day the battle for lunch was on again. We still hadn’t made the trip to the grocery store and were pushed for time on formatting two short stories. Spending time in the kitchen wasn’t high on my agenda. Leftover chicken liver from the previous evening’s dinner was sitting in the fridge, waiting to be savior. I cut the tops of two white bread rolls and hollowed them out; buttered the insides and sprinkled it with garlic and dried mixed herbs. I grilled the bread in the oven for a couple of minutes and then used them as baskets to serve the livers in. Within ten minutes lunch was on the table. It is delicious served with a fresh green salad.
Two synonyms for leftovers are overflow and abundance. It is astonishing to see how the remains of one situation can be turned into the overflow or abundance of another.

Blessing: May you have the eyes to see the overflow and abundance in the mundane and unremarkable.


2 thoughts on “Getting creative with leftovers

  1. And what great lunches these were! Thank you! Especially for seeing the abundance, not just in food leftovers, but in so much of our shared experiences and life together. You are an inspiration!

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