[This poem is dedicated to all victims of domestic violence.]

Leather on leather

as glove connects with bag.

Muscle groaning and straining

powerful impact direct.

Bones crack and teeth splinter

under ferocious attack,

flesh bruised and skin torn

all in the name of love.

Merciless laying into bag,

blow by blow rage vented,

anger made know.

Accusation, blame,

Insult, curse…

Laying it all on the head of the one

who made you feel without worth.


Silently, submissive

bag absorbs all

until the tally is rallied

and the score becomes full.

Bag turns into brick

And brick into wall

no longer willing to take the fall.


© Copyright Micelle Coetsee 2014



2 thoughts on “Punching Bag

  1. Sad that the first time is accepted. Any domestic violence (male on female or female on male) should not be tolerated by the victim. Unfortunately, there is always more involved….

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