in corner


blinded by bigotry.


bound by barbarity.

Being benignly backhanded,

blissfully blameless.

Blatantly bloodthirsty,

blithely bold,

boastfully brazen.

Boorishly brutal.

Boxed in. Bought.

Briefly brilliant,

before being bridled, battered, broken, bulldozed, buried.  

Bureaucracy burning,

business busted.

Barren, bare.

Blemish, blot, blur.

Bygones be bygones…blackness…blank.


Copyright Micelle Coetsee 2014



3 thoughts on “Bombination

  1. Like this a lot! Applies to many across the world today! Although they may only be on the verge of the ‘bridled, battered, broken’ stage there are still those who are. ‘burning’, ‘busted’ and. ‘bare’.
    Choices, choices, choices… And their consequences!

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