To DO or to BE, that is the question.

Am I who I am because of what I do?

Or do I do what I do because of who I am?

It is much easier to do than to be. To do require skill, ability or craftsmanship, consequently learned behaviour. To be requires character. Skill and ability can be easily acquired, while character is formed over years and through many, often painful, experiences.

Am I who I am because of my skills or abilities, the knowledge that I have acquired?

Am I who I am because of my character, that which I have gained through experience?

Another person or persons can teach me a skill or train me in an ability or craft. Nobody else can form my character. It is formed, shaped and fashioned from each experience or life changing event I go through. It is established by what I take or learn from any given situation, incident or circumstances I have found myself in. Character cannot be taught, it can only be build and gained by personal experience.

A skill can be reproduced or imitated. There is however no substitute for character; it cannot be copied or simulated. Character is hard earned and personally owned and experienced by the holder.

Character cannot be shared with others, only the influences and the effects thereof.

What is character?

Character can imply personality, temperament or attributes which will influence what I do. It also denotes honor, integrity, uprightness, moral rectitude and strength which determine who I am.

My personality and temperament can describe and even define me, but not explain me. My character will account for and justify my being. It is the core of my being, the lifeblood of who I am. It will influence what I do, but what I do will not influence who I am.

What then is the true essence of me?


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