lavender oil

A fascinating fragrance you are.

Compounds delicately blended

by skilled hands deftly measuring, weighing,

essential ingredients with care selected.

Complexity of composition,

olive oil infused,

 viscosity, volatility and sequence

in symmetry

balance in variables bring.

Rose oil, lavender and pomegranate seed

intricately intermingled

quintessence to make.


Earthy bouquet from ruby red seeds

peculiar blend of woody and green

courting together floral and sweet,

First Impressions fabricate.

 Whimsical, gleeful, frolicsome, sunny

Light heartedly unconcerned about

what tomorrow may bring.

Delicately weaved cover over


Mysterious mauve meander,

lavender laced

maze to inner world lead.

Tangled web of love and devotion,

feminine allure,

where sensuality compete with sensibility,

 the mystical strive with the mundane.


Rosy undercurrent

synthesis of damask, violets and citrus,

apple and clove

the senses tantalize.

Enticing the stream to follow

where faith, passion and wisdom integrates,

carving out pattern, form and way

for the spirit to run.

Saturated with love, light and life



©Copyright Micelle Coetsee 2014


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