When a faucet needs fixing

or a toilet requires a brush,

When the kids demand feeding

or a bug to be crushed.

The faucet does not call

for a “males only” touch,

Nor does the toilet demands

a female the brush to clutch.

The hungry eagerly receive

food from any hand,

And the bug…well

it dies not knowing

the instrument by which it fell.

Oh, the humanness of humans

seeking every object to humanize,

Ascribing emotion and feeling

to things of a stationary kind.

The need or the task

remains all the same,

Regardless of the gender

or the race we seek to it to claim.

Need asks fulfillment,

Task calls for completion,

Regardless of way, means or reason,

An open circuit to be closed.


©Copyright Micelle Coetsee 2014


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