My sorrow was endless. What was to be an ordinary trip to the mall turned into a heart-rending episode.

Shopping is not one of my favorite activities and I embarked on these excursions only when necessary. On that morning, I set out with a specific agenda in mind – to get into the mall, do what I needed to do and get out as fast as I could. It was not to be.

Malls tend to be a brew pot of different kinds and forms of energies that influences everyone in that specific space at the particular time. Most people are however, unaware of these dynamics and how they affect them. Through my involvement in energy work, I have gained a bit of insight into some of the dynamics. By experience, I have learned how to minimalize the impact when obliged to venture into such a high-density setting. On this occasion, I broke one of my own rules. I moved my focus from my agenda to the people around me. All of a sudden, I saw everybody around me, not in physical but in spirit form. Tentacle like protrusions where hanging from their lower bodies, some more than others. These lifelines kept them anchored to the source from which they received their vital life energy and force. Some people where anchored in their own emotions and the emotions of others. Others lived from the energy gained from material wealth and possessions. I saw a few drawing their life force from their sexual encounters and a couple sustained by various addictions. As the people moved through the mall, these tentacles were constantly seeking place to anchor and to feed. It was a feeding frenzy of energy hungry beings!

I felt overwhelmed by the intensity of the corporate need. I wanted to get out of the mall as quickly as I could, but I felt compelled to search the crowd. There had to be at least one person connected to the true source of life? Frantically my eyes roamed the crowds. All I could find was just more of the same – money, sex, addictions, power, position, possessions and status –all the empty calories of modern society. I was looking at a community oblivious to the fact that they were starving to death. Gorging on all that society has to offer them, they are slowly dying because of malnutrition and lack of vital life components. The more I looked at the spectacle, the more overwhelmed I felt.

I was devastated! How can the whole world be so oblivious to our own demise? How is it possible that we still cannot see the devastating effects of our empty lifestyles on a global scale? How can we expect anything else than the global chaos that we are facing if this is what we have been feeding on? I kept on searching the crowd, hopeful to find one person linked to the true source of life, but I could not find one…

Dejected I left the building and hastily made my way home to seek and find refuge there. The future seemed bleak. Where was this all to end? When was humanity to wake up to their ways of self-destruction?

As I contemplated the situation, I had to acknowledge that this was nothing new. This was the story of man – destroying earth and self in the process by lack of knowledge and understanding. Was there a way to be found out of this or were we to flow along with the stream? I, however, have never been a “flow-er” and did not intent to become one then. It seemed impossible to stop the madness, but I did not have to take part in it either. I did not want to be part of the destruction; I wanted to be part of a solution, if there was one to be found.

Despite all of man’s achievements and accomplishments, all that we have discovered and developed, we still did not understand the very basic and vital of truths – only life can give life. There is no substitute for real life. Nothing that does not have its roots in the true source of life, can give life. Why then do we choose to hunt down all things empty and futile in the quest for life? Why do we commit our entire lives to seeking life only to come up empty handed because we have occupied ourselves with counterfeit and substitute sources? When will we return to the true source of life?

I had to accept the fact that the world may never change, but I could still decide and determine what happened in my world. Many years ago, I had chosen to be linked to the true source of life, to seek life where it flows from the only source of life. Once again, I made the decision that this would remain my course, even though it meant living a counter-cultural lifestyle. I made my choice to live a life on a diet of all that is natural, authentic and true. To this lifestyle I desire to remain true.


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