“Lift not the painted veil which those who live
Call Life: though unreal shapes be pictured there,
And it but mimic all we would believe
With colours idly spread,…”

-P.B. Shelley-

In another part of the world, I would most probably be a shaman, but as it is, I was born into western society obsessed with the physical and tangible, defining life only in terms of logic and reason. I belief in unseen powers and that all things in the universe are interconnected and interdependent. I have devoted my life to studying and learning the mysteries of life as well as knowing and handling the relationship dynamics upon which these rest. This is my journey and my quest.

As I was raised in a culture steeped in religious tradition, it was only natural that I would use this religious environment for my spiritual experience and expression. Unaware that I perceived the world through different eyes, I assumed that all members of my religious community viewed the world and life in the same light than I did. Only as I grew older and became involved in full time ministry, the illusion was dispelled.

As I grew in knowledge and understanding of the unseen spiritual world, organized religion was no longer a home to me. I distanced myself from my religious community and disassociated with religion itself. I continued my quest for a deeper and richer spiritual knowledge and understanding through personal experience of life’s mysteries.

This was and still is a solitary journey; a personal quest for expanding interdimensional experiences.

Some mysteries are there to be wondered and marvelled about but not to be explained. However, for the greater part, the mysteries of life desire to be explored and discovered.

The greatest challenge in seeking deeper meaning and purpose in life is the willingness to venture down paths less travelled or to forge new ways where no others had gone before. It calls for courage to break into new domains and face, that which was previously unknown. It requires drawing back the veil of reality, as we know it and lying bare to our eyes the world hidden beyond.

The promise of Enlightenment was freedom and self-liberation through knowledge. Despite an information explosion and exponential increase in knowledge, the world finds itself at a precipice of conflict and animosity. The dichotomy of human existence – despite vast technological advances and development, man is destroying its world and itself.

Reason alone did not prove to be the answer to global peace and freedom, nor to sustainable living. Reason and logic defines life only by qualities already known. The current global situation calls for an understanding of the forces at work and the unseen dynamics at play; for a generation willing to go beyond reason to seek the essence of life itself. The quintessence of life lies beyond the boundaries of knowledge and only through personal experience, can it be known. It seeks reuniting man with the Source of Life.

Reason focusses on differences and that which divides. Life seeks unity and harmony; it delights to focus on similitudes and that, which unites.

May we be the generation that dares to lift the veil of Life, seeking to go beyond the boundaries of knowledge, reason and logic to be re-united with the original Source of Life.

© Copyright Micelle Coetsee 2015


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