With great determination, focus and commitment you have been working towards obtaining your goal. With singular focus, you pursued the vision that burns within your soul, only to find yourself painted into a corner. Looking up from your task, you find yourself staring at a wall in front of you and wet paint behind you.
Fear and despondency threatens to overwhelm you, leaving you feeling dejected and alone. Anxious to rectify the situation you seek for a way out, but you find yourself stumped on all sides. A primordial cry for fulfillment tears from you, seeking instant reprieve and gratification. Distress heightens your senses and reflexes, everything seeming brighter, harsher and louder. You are ready for fight or flight.
Self-incrimination yells at you, accusing you of incompetency and ineptitude.  Failure claws at your self-worth, questioning your abilities and judgment. How did you allow yourself to get into this position?
Turning your back on the wall, you seek to see the way you came hoping for answers to the multiple questions clambering for your attention. Doused in disappointment, heartache, sorrow, grief and anger, you desperately seek a course correction.
As the initial reaction of shock and denial dissipate, you realise that there is a way out. Wait for the paint to dry.
Waiting does not come easily to you as you are used to making things happen, to setting the pace and calling the shots. You have been trained to take and keep control in the realization of your objectives. Now an invisible factor has ripped control from you.
Time waits for no man and you do not have the time to wait.
Eagerly you attack the wet-paint situation, seeking ways of speeding up the drying process. Although time waits for no man, it also does not allow anybody to rush it. Flowing with the ancient rhythm of cycles and seasons, it follows the path set out for it, not to be diverted or hindered by anyone.
Severed from our deeply rooted connection to the flow of time and cycles by an invasive corporate culture, we feel at a lost when faced with the effects of these on our lives. Desperately we try to control it as we control most of our sanitized, civilized lives to find that man can control many things but TIME is not one of them.
Slowly it dawns on you that in certain circumstances there is no other way out than to wait for a season to end or a cycle to complete itself. As you settle into your corner, waiting for the paint to dry, you have one of two choices. You can either focus on the paint, gauging the process of drying or you can reflect on the way you got here. Keeping your eye on the paint will not speed things up and might lead to feelings of frustration and resentment. Reflecting on your course holds an opportunity for insight and personal growth.
So, what shall it be…watching while waiting or ruminating on your route?

©Copyright Micelle Coetsee 2015


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