simple-life2The simple life might be uncomplicated but it is multifarious.

In a search to stay in harmony with my environment, my life as reflected in my simple lifestyle is irrevocably intertwined with the daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual rhythms of nature (physically as well as spiritual). Every lunar cycle’s influence is visible in my backyard farm, seasonal conditions considered in the planting and sowing. Daily gray water is distributed and weekly maintenance and cleaning done. Likewise, every new spiritual move perceived in my spirit is considered and taken into account to find creative expression in my lifestyle and actions. Living an urban lifestyle (mostly indoors) exposes us to false indicators that our bodies misinterpret which severs our connection with the natural processes of the earth, thereby disrupting our harmony with our immediate environment. In my search to maintain this vital balance I have embraced a simpler way of living, being aware of the natural cycles and rhythms, and learned to flow and work with them.

Through my backyard farm I feel myself connected to the bigger scheme of things. I am not separated from weather and soil conditions across the globe, neither from water supply and crop yields elsewhere. As a link in the chain of life every reverberation are felt and experienced, reacted or responded to. Here, I experience my connection to the collective conscious and the ripple effects of individual actions.

I am living a simple life by choice. I consciously seek out a connection to nature, earth and God. I choose to pursue a lifestyle of autonomy and self-sufficiency, of determining my own direction and path. I determine my priorities and that which holds value to me, the set of principles by which I guide my course. I choose to think for myself and form my own opinions.

It is my delight and privilege to daily unfold the story of my life, and together with the Author, explore the deeper nuances and meaning thereof, to navigate the meander of my life journey and to be aware of my personal influence, whether on a small or large scale, immediate or indirectly.

From time to time living a simple life gets complicated by outside factors beyond my control. One of the challenges of a self-sustainable lifestyle is the lack of control over outside forces like changing and unpredictable weather patterns, lack of resources or skills. The skill of working with what you have and flowing with the conditions in every situation, making the most of that available then becomes the key to success and survival.

The simple life is more often than not hard work requiring proper and continuous planning. It is not build on the principle of leisure and convenience but on the search for autonomy and self-reliance.

It is not a short term project with a definite goal but a lifestyle decision with a lot of uncertainties and changeable variables.

It is definitely not a lifestyle for the fainthearted or those that desire a life of pampering, leisure and entertainment. It is a lifestyle for those that seek to determine for themselves the direction, paradigm and boundaries of their lives.

During difficult times it helps to remember the reasons why I have chosen this particular way of living. I try to focus on the outcomes that I desire and see the challenges just as part of the journey. I look towards that which I have already achieved and set it up as reminders and motivation to keep on going forward.

Living in the heartland of a materialistic, consumer driven society, my lifestyle choice is often frowned upon and encouragement and support in short supply. Thus, self-motivation and perseverance are crucial elements to my self-sustainable lifestyle.

As I am entering my twelfth year since making the decision to embrace a simpler way of living I am still learning new skills, growing in knowledge and understanding and adapting to the requirements of the moment or the season. Life is no longer something that needs to be created or controlled but an adventure to be discovered and explored, experienced to the fullest measure.

©Copyright Micelle Coetsee 2015



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