In the simplest of moments, the greatest happiness can often be found, the deepest of joy flow from an unpretentious fountain and heartfelt gratitude experienced in the smallest of wonders in the face of overwhelming odds.

Yesterday the sound of Rob, my life partner, making us tea in our small kitchen and his footsteps as he moved around the cottage, made my heart leap with joy. Slowly recovering after a major MS relapse a couple of months ago which left his vision, hearing and mobility compromised, these small activities are indicative of his returning strength and overall recovery. The sight of him doing ordinary, day-to-day tasks, which until a few days ago was not within his ability, warmed my heart.

The last few months were challenging to us on many different fronts. Not only did we face the demands of his compromised health but also economic, political and environmental issues that influenced our lives. We have been facing these with fortitude with a commitment to persevere in the decisions concerning our particular lifestyle that we have made.


This morning, encouragement came in the form of small wonders when I found these beautiful red rubies hidden in our backyard farm (which is almost non-existing at the moment because of the drought). As the red globes lay in the palm of my hand I knew that there will always be hope regardless of circumstances, global economics and political upheaval.

Remaining aware of the wonder of the simple things in life while the simple life is not that simple anymore, persisting in gratitude in the face of overwhelming odds, finding joy in minor achievements and encouragement in the seemingly mundane – these are the goalposts I set before me as we daily embrace the SIMPLE LIFE.

©Copyright Micelle Coetsee 2015


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