I find myself in a human forest obsessed with shallow living and superficial growth where instant gratification is the motivation for sending out slender shoots seeking to absorb as much of the rare resources available for self-promotion and the frivolous pursuit of more. Reaching higher and higher for that which seems vital for survival and sustainability, there is no concern for the welfare of others sharing space in this densely populated environment, in the insatiable quest for empty materialism and technical escapism. In the scramble for resources collaboration is forgone in favor of rugged individualism. It is each for themselves and the devil for the rest. This is a forest where there is a lot of growing older but little growing up.

One of nature’s fundamental laws however, is collaboration. The sensitive balance and synergy of collaboration underlies all of natural life on this planet. Where there is no collaboration there is destruction. Homo sapiens seem to be the only species unable to naturally understand this simple but necessary principle. Shallow living makes for immaturity that abrogates collaboration. Rugged individualism separates, alienates, exclude and isolate while collaboration seeks to include and unite. Deep living makes for maturity that embraces unity and collaboration.

With my feet imbedded in the dark soil of the legacy of those that have gone before me, it is my choice whether I want to put down deep roots or be part of an environment consisting of shallow living. Do I want to grow older but still be ruled by volatile emotions, over-dependence, constantly being stimulation hungry and reveling in egocentricity? Or do I desire to surrender to the deliberate process of slow maturing?

To me the challenge is to be able to grow in this environment and to flourish despite the odds, to find a way to set down deep roots and to grow sturdy and strong branches that can bear the weight of an abundant harvest. I desire to give love as much as I desire to receive love. I want to face reality and barefisted deal with it. I seek to embrace the experiences of my life – the negative as well as the positive and live it to the brim, seeing each experience as an opportunity to learn. When frustrated in my purposes I do not desire to lament, blame or blast anybody or anything else. I desire to look for alternative routes to achieving my goals. When faced with conflicting interests I do not desire war or strive but peaceful negotiations to the benefit of all. Living from a place of peace with the knowledge that what will be will be, I have the security to set down my roots deeply, growing slowly to maturity with my scars from my experiences my year-rings chronicling my journey. Above all and in all, I desire to seek deep connection and collaboration with nature and my fellow homo sapiens.

These are the desires of my heart. This is the path that I will pursuit – living the simple life, connected to nature and the collective conscious, living in the moment and by example.

©Copyright Micelle Coetsee 2015



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