dystopia-top-postWhen the earth moves underneath your feet and the sky is heavy with dark omens, how do you respond? Where do you flee to?

As you sense the seismic movements as the earth stagger underneath the weight of human affairs and hear the rumbling deep within the core of the globe building up to a cataclysmic eruption, where do you find stability for your feet? Where do you hide yourself against the fallout?

As the planet resonates with its distress call, appealing for respite, what bells does it ring within you? What drum does it beat?

Who holds the answer to this conundrum? Who will elevate the plight of a planet and its inhabitants caught in the throes of labor?

As you experience the ever deepening pain and hopelessness, despondency at the depth of depravity and senseless destruction that are flooding one continent after the other, do you succumb to despair allowing darkness to flood your soul?

Where lays our hope in all of this destruction? What will the end be to this macabre scene?

We don’t need to be political analysts or militarists to know that the world is at war. This is however, not just a war between countries and factions, political mindsets and religious worldviews. The earth is at war with an ignorant people, that for so many centuries been trying to dominate, rule over and control it. No longer will nature tolerate man raping and pillaging her riches for selfish gain.

What amazes me is mans unwillingness to surrender and acknowledge our human limitations, to accept that this planet is not about us as a species but an intricate web of collaboration and co-existence. We are but one tiny link in a vast network of interdependence. Yet we stubbornly press forward in our quest for total domination and supposed superiority, ever confident that we will find new ways and means to fulfill in our insatiable need for more, even if it means seeking new planets to relocate to.

In all of this, the greedy defies all convention and conscience in order to enrich themselves and satisfy their lust for power and control at the expense of an entire planet and all its inhabitants, disrupting structures of collaboration and the delicate balance of interdependence.

This cycle of destruction and desecration is not infinite  and the tipping point has been reached. As all of humanity slides towards the precipice of ultimate destruction, it will be interesting to see how all of it plays out. Who will survive the apocalypse? Will the earth retaliate and seek revenge on its destroyer? Is there hope for reconciliation and healing to be worked?

What is my role and position in all of this? Am I contributing to the problem and the imminent destruction or am I seeking solutions and ways to work reconciliation and healing?

There is no turning back, the only way is forward. The question is, which road will you be traveling?

©Copyright Micelle Coetsee 2015


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