Being born into a producer-consumer society was not a comfortable fit for me. For years I struggled to find a place within it for myself. I did not want to be part of this perpetual cycle of producing useless, dispensable products that presented multiple health as well as environmental risks nor did I desire to pursue the mostly superficial pursuits that was constantly being promoted and held forward as the ultimate goal and sign of success and happiness. I did not want to be part of the structures and closed systems with its monopolies that kept this circular society going and growing. I was looking for an alternative way of living.  

My reason for inhabiting this planet is not to pursue happiness as my goal, but to fulfill the purpose with which I entered this domain. My happiness flows out of my active pursuit of this purpose. I define success as the active pursual, daily living and completion of this mission. I came into the earthly sphere to be part of an open system that draws its life from the Eternal, limitless source of energy, a system that operates on the interdependence and collaboration of all role players.

Living in a consuming-obsessed society makes the pursuit, adoption and support of this open system very difficult, but not impossible.

Born into this closed system, I was subjected to its mindset, views and codes of conduct. These become part of my personal make-up as I ingested it with my mother’s breast milk. This worldview however, did not sit comfortably with me. It was an imperfect fit, chafing and restrictive. I felt the odd one out, peculiar and contrary. I worked hard at making myself fit, but after forty years of trying I declared it a lost cause. I embraced my status as a misfit and a renegade and resigned myself to a life on the periphery of this closed society, lurking in the shadows, scavenging for the means to survive.

The system does not take kindly to deserters. Either you are fully engaged in the assembly line or you are totally out. There is no place for hangers-on and understandably so. It is after all a closed system working with limited resources and energy where production, efficiency and control are the highest goal. I hanged on for as long as I could while I was searching for a place for my foot and a way to fulfill my personal mission.

The transition demanded a total strip down of all that was familiar and precious to me. I had to let go. I had to completely let go of my old life and embrace a whole new way of being. There was nowhere to go and seek for aid, assistance or guidance in the process. It was a custom made transformation and I had to fly solo.

The foundational building block of the transformation proved to be the necessary link and connection to the INFINITE SOURCE of life from which the open system flows. As I tapped more and more into this SOURCE, I regained my memory of who I truly am. I awaken to my original blue-print and my personal make-up. My specifications did not fit into the demands of the closed system of a producer-consumer society. It did however fit perfectly into the privileges of the natural producer-consumer food chain of this planet. As I came to know and understand myself better, the better I could grasp my place, position and role in the natural flow of the chain of life. Interdependence and collaborations became obvious and natural. It replaced the notion of what things should be with what they actually were. Constantly striving for a future outcome was displaced by embracing the wonders contained in the immediate moment. No longer did I demand specific outcomes for given situations. Previously, in the closed system,there were only limited options available that was beneficial and conducive to the system. Now I was free to be open to the many and varied possibilities that presented itself in this open system. No longer was I fixed in my identity as required by the closed system, but in every situation I could decide who I wanted to be, how I wanted to react or respond. It gave me the opportunity to be so much more that I ever thought I could be. No longer was my identity and behavior dictated by a system, but I had the privilege of taking back my personal power and continuously deciding who I want to be.

The open system required a new set of life skills and attitude from me which I am still learning daily. My own fixed, system way of thinking had to be replaced with a mindset of openness, exploration, adaptability and flexibility.

I am on a quest to understand the essence of life, which is not contained within a system. The essence of life flows from its infinite source. To seek the essence is to seek the source. No system can bring us to this source or to the understanding thereof. It is a personal journey of discovery, of daring to take the risk of stepping outside of the security of society’s systems. Although it is a solitary journey, it leans heavily on collaboration and co-operation with the other elements we encounter on our journey. It calls for a brave heart and courage in the face of the unknown, to forgo all prior knowledge and to start with a clean slate. It requires the rebirth of your essence as it echoes the essence of the original source.

It is a call to forsake the system and to step into the infinite greatness of God.

©Copyright Micelle Coetsee 2016





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