Where do I start and where do I go from here? I have been in the slow lull and painful process of transformation. I had to die in order that I my live again. Now it is time to be integrated into the bigger whole. It is time for the chrysalis to leave its comfortable womb and spread its wings to fly.

Fly butterfly, fly! Embrace your new life. Seize your new way of being. Eagerly adapt to your new abilities and capabilities. Decisively integrate into your new environment.

Am I brave enough for this new world? Will I be able to find my way in this new landscape? Do I have what it takes to survive in a world unknown and unfamiliar to me? Will I find safety and shelter and will I know how to sustain myself in a world hostile and unwelcoming?

To my surprise I found myself not unwanted in this new reality. On the contrary, it has been eagerly awaiting my rebirth, receiving and welcoming me with open arms, thirsty for the reveal of the new me, desirous for the unveiling of my newly acquired skills and attributes. It yearns for my assimilation and integration into the collective. It is keen for my collaboration and unification.

At the end of the long, dark tunnel I found a world contrary to all that I have feared and anticipated. Blinded by the bright light after the extended period of time spent in the cocoon, I stepped into a world seemingly consisting only of white light. As my eyes adapt to the luminescent landscape, I start to perceive the environment more clearly than ever before. Reality emerges in a new way, not asking to be described, defined or controlled…only to be experienced for what it is in the moment, inviting the newly arrived to be touched, influenced and changed by participation and association.

This dazzling landscape is a world of uncertainty carrying with it the promises of multiple possibilities for those willing to seek and with the eyes to spot these new ventures and learning spaces. There are numerous opportunities for new growth. It is all new and unfamiliar and unknown, the outcomes unpredictable.

This is the world of the brave and the courageous, those that have conquered their fear of the unknown and has embraced it as the new way of being, a living space for those without the need to control their environment, those around them or the outcome of their endeavors. Those that are bright eyed and excited to see the future unfold, who had let go of what was, knowing that it will never be again and seeking that what is for now.

The new way of living and being is fluid, liquid existence, constantly moving with the flow of the universe and the collective conscious, open to every moment and possibility, dealing with every current set of variables as they present themselves. In this world there is no room for fixed thinking or rigid mindsets that predict or prescribe. It calls for flexibility, mobility and adaptability, fluidly flowing with the current, adapting and evolving within the requirements of the moment.

It is a call to go with the flow…in the moment.

It is an exciting way of being. It is exhilarating. It is a wide, undiscovered expanse rolling out in front of you, inviting you to explore and enjoy, discover and embrace. It challenges you not to fear the unknown and the unfamiliar but to be open to be amazed, thrilled and transformed.

May we dare to open our hearts and our minds to this new way of being. May we be courageous and let go of all that is holding us back, keeping us captured and in bonds of control. May we surrender to our essential nature, going with the flow, open to every new moment, experiencing it and then immediately letting it go to move into the next. For we have only this moment. The past is gone, the future is still ahead. The only reality is right in front of you…in this moment.

©Micelle Coetsee 2016


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