altitude dive -going higher, going deeper

Daring to live deeper, that is the challenge; that is the call.

This is an ancient call, reverberating through the ages, calling the brave and courageous to explore its profundity.

Your desire to dive deeper, travel further than ever before, your response to the urging intensely felt. To go where you have not gone before; to climb mountains and cross rivers; to sail oceans and conquer deserts; to spiral down dark spelunk; to lose yourself in forests green.  

Despite the fear of the absence of light, direction or orientation in place and space you choose to be fully open to experience what the moment may hold, knowing that you will not be untouched by the encounter, that nothing will ever be the same after the dive, the journey, the climb. From thereon, you will look at the world and life with new eyes and understanding. Ultimately, you will feel different about yourself as well as those around you.

As you go deeper and deeper you will come face to face with truth and reality more profound than ever before. You will meet live in a form you never imagined possible. Purity, truth, honesty, all laid bare and open for you to taste, try and participate in; to recognize and accept within yourself.

It is time for self recognition, self acceptance, self love and self care. As we face up to and learn to live with ourselves in the truth of who we are, we can also do that with those around us.

As we dive deeper we shed the skins and folds of gender, age, ethnicity, language and culture and we lay bare the essence of who we are.

As we dive deeper the core of our being can heed the gentle whisper of our calling.

In pursuance of our calling, gentle spirits, kind hearts and soft eyes are imperative for us to be able to receive ourselves for who we are. It is of the essence that we show compassion to ourselves. Likewise, we need gentle spirits, kind hearts and soft eyes to be able to receive others for who they are.

As we dive deeper we shed the hard shell of our outer human existence and we die so that we can live true to our nature and make room for others to do the same.

To let the ego die is not a sacrifice but a necessity if we desire to ever live the human experience to the fullest. It is of vital importance that we break beyond the physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural and other boundaries that defines the human experience and search out the plains that are visible only to the eyes of the heart.

And that calls for gentleness, kindness, forgiveness, love, hope, trust…the qualities of the heart and not the mind.

It is time to get mindless and wade into the landscape that can only be viewed, lived and encountered by the heart.

May our hearts rule our senses.

May we exchange logic for the rule of love.


©Copyright Micelle Coetsee 2016



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