There is no greater activist than the recently converted.

Rob and I, two years ago, started out on a journey of exploration and discovery beyond our wildest expectations when we decided to eliminate all processed, gluten containing and dairy foods as well as yeast and legumes from our diet.

We kicked off our journey with a detoxification and then elimination process followed by research and investigation into the ingredients of our popular processed and convenience foods in order to decide which of these we could incorporate back into our diet. We were stunned when on closer inspection we found a high amount of harmful and even toxic ingredients in most of these foods.  We realized that there was no way nor did we want to go back to eating the way that we used to.

We fluctuated between indignation at being the “victims” of unscrupulous producers of these unhealthy food-like products and feeling the fool for being deceived for so many years. We knew we had to make a change for us, that we had to take responsibility for our own eating habits and lifestyle as the bottom line is – nobody ever forced us to eat any of these foods…no wait, that is not true!

Rewind. Flash backs of childhood dinners. Me scratching at the food on my plate that made the roof of my mouth itch and my throat constrict. Threats from my parents that I will not be allowed to leave the table until I have finished my dinner. Grain cereal breakfasts that left me with stomach cramps for most of the day. The list goes on and on. Do I blame my parents? No. Do I blame anybody else? No, I am merely stating the fact that we were born into a society with mass produced, low nutrient, convenience food and cultural conditioning left us oblivious to the threat within the sanctuary of our homes. But now we were the wiser for it and we could make better informed decisions for ourselves.

Fast forward to September 2017.  After a lot of research, adaptation, trial and error and lifestyle changes we are starting to see and reap the benefits of our adjustments. Rob has not had a major MS relapse in two years and his general health and physical mobility has improved overall. My general health and management of CFS are also on an all time high. We are still daily learning more about health, nutrition and our food as our medicine.

Another aspect of my life that has changed is how I spent my time. More of my time is spent either in the garden growing our own food or in the kitchen preparing meals from scratch or preserving the excess of our harvest. An offhand remark from my daughter that I am already spending time and effort planning and making these healthy, nutritious and delicious meals for us, why not start selling these, gave rise to me entering the world of prosumer (producer/consumer). I found a place for me and my naturally fermented foods at a local organic food market and have been setting up stall there every Wednesday morning. I have been meeting a diversity of interesting people. I am having fun, enjoying the lively atmosphere of the market, engaging with buyers and learning something new from other exhibitors every week. I also have a wonderful platform from where to impart my hard earned personal experience and knowledge about cultivation of vegetables, food preparation and nutrition.

I found a like-minded people, my tribe, which emboldens me even more in my newly found convictions. Positive feedback from clients on my gut smart products inspires me to keep on improving my craft. Week by week and jar by jar of fermented food I am getting gutsier in my wandering through the meander of this season of my life.

©Copyright Micelle Coetsee 2017



One thought on “Getting Gutsy

  1. And long may it reign…uh…rain…uh…continue! 👍😀😀
    As the food we are eating is not only better for us but downright delicious 😋! Who would have thought?
    Oh… plus totally refined-sugar-free as well! The brains are buzzing with so much more than addiction induced chemicals and reactions!

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