Cataclysm Front page

Tempe’s entrance into the small rural community sets off a series of momentous events that cause great upheaval and changes for all involved; lives are influenced and destinies changed. Will the town’s people survive the impact of the storm that she had caused?

Failure E-book

Dam walls worldwide are under threat, what happens when one collapses? Who is affected? How many die? Who is responsible? This fictional story explores the preceding issues and the subsequent devastating results of one dam wall failure.

Phantasm Front cover

Sometimes we find our only functionality in dysfunctional relationships. Who’s to say that they cannot be?

Red Lilies front cover

The Tiger Lily became the embodiment of Donè’s abusive situation. Growing up and coping with her budding sexuality with parents who cannot cope, she chooses to have the lilies fragrance in the air during the moments she reaches for her solution.

Black velvet and cupcakes front cover

What hope is left when the love of your life deserts you, leaving you only with cupcakes as company?A lighthearted story of hope for those who are serious about not taking life too serious.

Rite of passage

This collection of free style verse grants the reader a glimpse into the inner experience of an individual going through the inevitable change of seasons and phases of life. It is a celebration of human life in its search for meaning and understanding during these times of transition and transformation.


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